Our philosophy

Due to his training as an engineer and to his previous activity in other fields too, Italo developed a scientific approach to the vineyard and to the countryside. Preserving tradition is one thing, but one can never take anything for granted and always must strive for better results. Questioning, researching, trying and learning: since the 1970’s the collaboration with the University of Turin has allowed Italo to enter the world of wine with a frame of mind which, still nowadays, enables him to face the challenges of a continuously evolving market. Tradition, research and creativity: this is the philosophy of a company which, without overlooking the heritage of centuries of winemaking, embraces new technologies, is active in the field of research – both in the vineyard and in the cellars – and is ready to take risks and to experiment.Thanks to this enthusiasm and creative drive, in the past years Castello di Neive has given birth to some new and stimulating experiences. Starting from 1996, the company has realized two wines aged in barriques - ‘I Cortini’, from pinot noir grapes and ‘Barbera d’Alba Superiore, from barbera grapes – and, since 2006, Langhe Albarossa. Besides, Castello di Neive has produced, from 1995, ‘Castello di Neive Classico’, a rewarding sparkling wine obtained exclusively from pinot noir grapes and ‘Castello di Neive Passito’, from withered arneis grapes.