On the map it is called Marcorinasso. The farm and a row of centuries-old pine trees dominate the top of the hill. In these vineyards Count Guido Riccardi Candiani – previous owner of the castle, always very fond of agricultural studies – made, in collaboration with prof. Dalmasso from the University of Turin, various trials with Pinot Nero grapes and some Arneis. It is very unfortunate that the war interrupted those Arneis trials. Today, maintaining alive that penchant for experimentation and continuing our collaboration with the University of Turin, we planted a vineyard with the Albarossa grape, a cross between Nebbiolo and Barbera made by the same prof Dalmasso. The first vintage was in 2006 and the results are exciting and surprising. The other grapes grown here are Barbera and Dolcetto, which take particular advantage of Marcorino’s exposure.