Santo Stefano

In 1964, during the negotiations to acquire the Castle and its vineyards, our father had to choose between a piece of land, in the Gallina area, where the vineyard had already been planted, and the Santo Stefano farm, where the land was mostly fallow. I have a very neat memory of the Santo Stefano hill in 1960, on the day the shooting season was opening: blackberry bushes were everywhere, covering the gullies made by the summer storms, and everyone was falling while trying to catch the many hares jumping from every corner….nevertheless, our father Giacomo, who knew the great potential of Santo Stefano, chose to acquire that wild hill: definitely a choice well made! We started planting straight away, with the help of experienced grafters, not the specialised plant breeders of nowadays. In this way we managed to transform Santo Stefano into the high quality vineyard it is today. In the last few years, while reorganizing the vineyard and replanting its oldest parts, we have selected particular clones, which are under the constant study of the researchers from the University of Turin. The original Santo Stefano farm, as it looked like in the 18th century, is now visible on a map obtained and kindly made available to us by Anna Riccardi Candiani, palaeographer and archivist.