The Montebertotto vineyard is next to Messoirano and together they make up for an entire hillof our property, with extremely favourable exposure and microclimate. It is in this vineyard that, in 1978, we started our collaboration with the University of Turin by setting up an experimental plot for the clonal selection of the Arneis grape. At that time I was considering the opportunity to make a white wine (this also because my wife Mita only drinks white wine and, up until then, we only made reds!) and when I tasted the first Arneis made by Bruno Giacosa , it became clear that Arneis had to be my white wine. Unfortunately – professor Italo Eynard told me – no technical information was available concerning the clones and the right grafting and rootstock. It was therefore necessary to plant an experimental vineyard and to wait for the results of the clonal selection. After six years, the stimulating collaboration with the university provided us with all the technical, scientific and practical information we needed about this old and forgotten grape, and we could start planting our vineyards, knowing we would have achieved maximum quality and typicality.