Piemonte IGP Langhe Hazelnuts

Packaged in glass with modified atmosphere.

Oxygen is replaced with a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen to avoid oxidation; in this way, there is no need for vacuum-packing, a process which softens the hazelnuts.

The glass bottle is impermeable to oxygen, guaranteeing a greater shelf life than any alternative.


Altogether, these factors result in a minimally-toasted hazelnut, that stays fresh fragrant for many months, if you can resist it...

Hazelnut Tart

Gluten-free - Certified Product

Beginning with our famous ‘Three-lobed Tonda Gentile’ we propose the most classic of Piedmontese desserts, the Hazelnut Tart.

Made of more than 50% hazelnuts, it has no need of flour, hence it is also gluten-free (certified).

Hazelnut Biscuits

Gluten-free - Certified Product

Tasty biscuits in the form of ‘tegole’ or roof tiles, crunchy and tasty owing to more than 50% hazelnut content.

The absence of flour means they are produced without gluten (certifies).

Hazelnut Spread

Gluten-free - Certified Product

Hazelnut paste (at least 50%) with chocolate, together in a soft spread.



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