Piemonte IGP Langhe Hazelnuts

Packaged in glass with modified atmosphere.

Oxygen is replaced with a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen to avoid oxidation; in this way, there is no need for vacuum-packing, a process which softens the hazelnuts.

The glass bottle is impermeable to oxygen, guaranteeing a greater shelf life than any alternative.


Altogether, these factors result in a minimally-toasted hazelnut, that stays fresh fragrant for many months, if you can resist it...

Hazelnut Tart

Gluten-free - Certified Product

Beginning with our famous ‘Three-lobed Tonda Gentile’ we propose the most classic of Piedmontese desserts, the Hazelnut Tart.

Made of more than 50% hazelnuts, it has no need of flour, hence it is also gluten-free (certified).

Hazelnut Biscuits

Gluten-free - Certified Product

Biscuits in the form of ‘tegole’ or roof tiles, crunchy and tasty owing to more than 50% hazelnut content.

The absence of flour means they are produced without gluten (certifies).

Hazelnut Spread

Gluten-free - Certified Product

Hazelnut paste (at least 50%) with chocolate, together in a soft spread.



Castello di Neive

The Castello di Neive estate has centuries of history closely bound to the town of Neive and its wines, in particular to the production of Barbaresco DOCG

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Head Office and historical cellars

Via Castelborgo 1

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Corso Romano Scagliola 205

12052 | Neive - Italy

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Visits and sales

La Casetta del Castello

Piazzetta Demaria 1

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