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Our vineyards

Many of our vineyards belonged to the Stupino family prior to the purchase of the Castello: Messoirano, Montebertotto, Valtorta, Basarin. Others were acquired with the Castello: Santo Stefano, Gallina, iCortini e Marcorino.


Essential details about our vineyards

We are very proud of every one of our vineyards. They each have individual narratives and unique characteristics that we try to highlight and carry through to the bottle.
In some cases this is achieved by separate vinification, vineyard by vineyard; these become our most exclusive and intriguing wines, good when young and great after bottle-ageing..  

Other vineyards complement each other and yield best results when they are vinified together; so we get pleasing and balanced wines that are perfect already in their youth.

Our hazelnuts



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