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The name appears to derive from a diminutive of ‘Corti’

and it was used to indicate small parcels close to the villages,

usually used to grow own-use fruit and vegetables.


From south

to south-west,

below the Castle

New, crisper

and full of character



more structure

and body

The vineyard in depth

The vineyard’s three small parcels total about two hectares, and were planted in the 1990’s with clones of Pinot Noir from Burgundy; these are suited to making red wines, destined for medium-to-lengthy ageing.


They are located immediately below the Castle at the entrance to the village of Neive, just before the San Rocco gate.

The various clones, the date of planting, the different exposures and the varying fertility of the parcels make for a harmonious ensemble that is complex and never uninteresting.


Less-favoured, lower positions are used to grow the Langhe Tonda Gentile hazelnut.


The vineyard in depth video



Interesting wines

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