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The Castello di Neive estate has a centuries-long history closely tied to the town of Neive and its wines, Barbaresco in particular.


Neive, Langhe, Piedmont, Italy is Italo's mantra whenever he presents Neive. For Italo, everything began in the town where he was born…


The Stupino family was already a large property owner prior to the purchase of the Castello and its vineyards.


The Castello di Neive estate has two cellars:a historic cellar in the Castello and the other a new and modern one.


There are 18 labels to cover the requirements of every consumer: from everyday wines to the great Barbaresco.


We grow the I.G.P. (Indication of Geographic Protection) Piedmont hazelnut: a lightly-toasted hazelnut, that remains fresh and fragrant for many months.

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