From the Counts of Castelborgo to Giacomo Stupino

The coats of arms of each of the previous noble owners are displayed in the entranceway of the castle:

and these include the Cissone, Bongiovanni di Castelborgo, Candiani and Riccardi-Candiani families. For those who would like to know more, the following is short summary of nearly three hundred years of history…

  • The Cissone Family

    Counts of Castelborgo

    Lords of Cissone; Counsellors of Monforte

    Quartered gold and gules with lamb's heads erased.
  • Bongiovanni Family

    Counts of Castelborgo

    Azure a chief, three mullets and argent, lamb couchant.

Cissone Family

1735 | Giovanni Antonio Cissone, advocate and prince of the Forum of Turin was unmarried, wealthy, intelligent and ambitious.

On March 9th, 1735, King Charles Emmanuel awarded Giovanni Antonio Cissone the district of Santa Maria, within the jurisdiction of the city of Alba and also the ancient fief of Santa Vittoria d’Alba. These conferred upon him the right to the title of Count of Castelborgo, reversible to his nephew and heir, Manfredo.

The Bongiovanni Family

1735 | Manfredo Bongiovanni, financed by donations from his uncle, began construction of the aristocratic palazzo which later became the Castello di Neive. One of the wealthiest landowners in the area, more than 500 Piedmontese giornate, equivalent to 200 hectares were attributed to him.
He is considered to be the founder of the house of Castelborgo.


The construction of the Castello

Marble inscriptions in the Castle chapel indicate that building began in 1753.

The Castle was finished about 15 years later.

Both Giovanni Antonio Cissone and Manfredo Bongiovanni are cited in the inscriptions.


Manfredo Bongiovanni


Manfredo was the son of Ludovico Antonio Bongiovanni and Vittoria Margherita Cissone.

In 1796, Napoleon conquered Alba and crossed the lower part of Neive to take Canelli.

Camillo di Castelborgo

1802 - 1862

His first marriage to Giuseppina di Villastellone was childless.

For some years, the estates of the Castelborgo counts were managed by the famous Count Camillo Candiani di Olivola.



1886 - 1970

In 1915, he married Anna Miglioretti di San Sebastiano and Bourcet, an illustrious family

of ancient origins.

Giacomo Stupino

1900 - 1970

In 1963 Giacomo Stupino,

together with his brothers, bought the Castello and part of the estate.

Castello di Neive

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Head Office and historical cellars

Via Castelborgo 1

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Offices and Cellar 2

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The "Casetta at the Castello"

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