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The Castello di Neive estate has a centuries-long history closely tied to the town of Neive and its wines, and to Barbaresco in particular.

The Castello and its cellars, the Santo Stefano vineyard and the other exceptional vineyards, along with a centuries-long and well-documented history require us to pay scrupulous attention to every choice we make, both in the vineyard and in the cellar so as to transmit all this to our clients.

The Stupino Family

People have always played a central role in the company.

From the beginning, when the foundations were laid as well as in the ensuing years in the generations that followed, our objective has always been the same: the success of the Castello di Neive.

Italo with

his grandfather

 Mentore in the family vineyards.


Giacomo Stupino, his father and founder of the company.

Giacomo Stupino.jpg

Giulio and Italo Stupino.


Italo Stupino.

Italo and his scientific approach

Thanks to his training as an engineer and his former career in industry,

Italo Stupino developed a scientific approach to both the vineyards and the countryside. While maintaining tradition was important to him, nothing could be taken for granted–it was always necessary to aim for better results. From the 1970's on, the collaboration with the University of Turin gave Italo an attitude in the world of wine that still today allows him to meet the challenges of a continually evolving market. Tradition, research and creativity; this is the philosophy of a company that, without neglecting the heritage of centuries of winemaking, embraces new technology, is active in research–both in the vineyard and in the cellar–and is ready to assume risk and experiment. 


Claudio Roggero



and Oenologist,

from 1999 estate manager.


Andrea Ramello


Graduate in Oenology,


for all cellar tasks.


Ornella Brunettini


Accounting office

customer service, banking and human resources. Ornella is also the Castello's historian.


Morena Pavia

Accounting office

of winery and suppliers

Marco Ion



Marco, and before him his father, have looked after our vineyards with passion for more than 50 years.


Dino Bevione


Oeno-technician and consultant in agronomy

Also an oenologist, he has the ability to foresee the contents of the bottle already in the vineyard, to produce healthy, whole and clean grapes.

In combination with Claudio he provides great value added in a collaboration that requires few words and great reciprocal trust.


Gianfranco Cordero

Oenologist and consultant

For twenty years we have worked in tandem with Gianfranco. He is respected for his uncommon ability to help us vinify our wines in the best way possible, respecting the intrinsic quality of the grapes as well as our philosophy of production, all without imposing preconceived formulae.

pg_42_Technical tasting_dx_up.jpg



University Professor

Of all the advantages derived from the clonal selection of Arneis, perhaps the most important is the friendship with young researchers who have become today’s luminaries in the field of wine and grape production. Among these are Professor Vincenzo Gerbi, Professor Anna Schneider, Professor Vittorino Novello and others.

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