Neive owes its name to an illustrious and noble Roman family, "Gens Naevia", or "Naevii", established there in ancient times.


The coats of arms of each of the previous noble owners are displayed in the entrance

to the castle.

1802: birthdate of Camillo Bongiovanni of Castelborgo,

Camillo Bongiovanni was the first to cement a relationship with celebrated oenologist and wine merchant Louis Oudart.

Castello di Neive

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Head Office and historical cellars

Via Castelborgo 1

12052 | Neive - Italy 


Offices and Cellar 2

Corso Romano Scagliola 205

12052 | Neive - Italy 


The "Casetta at the Castello"

Piazzetta Demaria 1

12052 | Neive - Italy

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