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Famous for its Barbaresco, and an excellent source

of Pinot Noir and Moscato in the cooler positions.


Unique for exposure, slope, age and dimensions

The soutwest-facing vineyard

is given over

to Nebbiolo

for Barbaresco


 The east-facing portion

is planted with Moscato

and Pinot Noir

for classic method sparkling wines

The vineyard in depth

In 1964, some of the Castello parcels were acquired, with several in the Gallina zone of Neive township. Our Gallina vineyards face both southwest and east.

The southwest-facing position is given over to Nebbiolo with vines that are now more than 50 years old.
Barbaresco from this vineyard makes use of the soil, exposure and age of the vines to astound us every year with its amiability and unique elegance. 

Once upon a time the entire yield went into our classic Barbaresco; from 2008, a part is single-vinified to produce our monovarietal Barbaresco Gallina while the rest continues to embellish our classic Barbaresco.

The east-facing part of the vineyard is given over to varieties that require greater crispness: Moscato and Pinot Nero for classic method sparkling wines.


Video of the vineyard in depth

Vigneto Gallina

Interesting wines

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