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The historical Basarin vineyard, famous for its Dolcetto,

has also lent its name to this subzone of Barbaresco.




A steep

and windy slope.


An ideal vineyard

for Dolcetto

The vineyard in depth

The Basarin title has been used on our labels for more than 30 years because it is the historical name of this vineyard, already owned by the Stupino family prior to the purchase of the Castello.


For many years Bruno Giacosa also produced a Dolcetto d’Alba Basarin with grapes from the same hillside, now–unfortunately–grubbed-up. In 2007, on the occasion of the delineation of the Barbaresco subzones, this famous name was exploited to describe a patchwork of zones from Neive to Trestelle (in the township of Barbaresco).

With the new legislation, it was forbidden to use this name on any wine label save Barbaresco, and with ‘vineyard’ also designated.

Hence today, we are the sole producers allowed to use the name ‘Basarin vineyard’ on our Dolcetto d’Alba. This is because we grow the grapes used to produce it, we have proven our historical use of this name, we have registered it in the list of historical vineyards and we forgo 10% of the yield each year.

The Basarin vineyard covers about 1.45 hectares and on average the vines are 35 years old; it faces fully south.
It is very steep and windy; the soil is composed of quite compact, calcareous marl

The result is a complex Dolcetto wine that needs 2-3 years of maturing in steel tanks, but remains crisp and pleasing for many years.


The vineyard in depth

Vigneto Basarin

Vigneto Basarin

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