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The Marcorinasso farmstead on the crest

of the Marcorino hilltop  has an enviable panorama.


East-facing with

its magnificent panorama

Its southwest face  with Barbera,


and Moscato

CdN-Marcorino DJI_0042.jpg

The south face

with its beautiful


The vineyard in depth

The Marcorinasso farmstead at 300 metres above sea level occupies the upper part of the Marcorino hill with east-facing slopes (Dolcetto), south-facing (Barbera) and southwest-facing slopes (Barbera, Albarossa and Moscato).

The average elevation of the vineyards is 280 metres above sea level and slopes are accentuated.The soil is composed of ancient, exceedingly compact, calcareous marl, with low fertility.

Minimal grape yields are repaid with the excellent quality and complexity of the resulting wines.

Albarossa, in particular, has found an ideal location here to ripen with its characteristic complexity. Only in these conditions can it be guaranteed each year.


The vineyard in depth video

Vigneto Marcorino

Vigneto Marcorino

Interesting wines

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