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All our vineyards are planted with the objective of making our own wines.
Growing grapes is not an end in itself, but an important intermediate step; our grapes need to be clean, healthy and have the correct phenolic and technological ripeness.

Clean grapes are achieved by introducing techniques to reduce the use of anti-parasitics. These include mechanical weeding, sexual confusion of insects and weather stations to monitor risks.
All our efforts are carried out without compromising the health of the grapes, as our objective is to produce ageworthy wines with a minimum of sulphites.

Technological maturity in our vineyards is never a problem: exposure, slope and vineyard management create conditions that produce more than enough alcohol, and acidity is never excessive, even in the Barbera and Albarossa varieties.

Phenolic maturity, on the other hand, needs constant attention–combining laboratory analysis with the tasting of grape berries. Only when both methods give the expected result do we proceed with the harvest.

We adhere to the National Quality System for Integrated Production,
for clean and sustainable viticulture.


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