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We are much-attached to this vineyard, which has strong ties to Arneis.

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Clonal selection

of Arneis grapes. 


This small vineyard, still productive today, was where

the first clonal selection of Arneis was carried out.


Clones were chosen according

to the best results.

The vineyard in depth

Contemplating these hills brings this small, still-productive vineyard to mind, as it was here that the first clonal selection of Arneis took place in 1977, as noted in the company history.


Today we have more than four hectares of Arneis which, with great pride and passion, we make into wine. 

The advantage of clonal selection in these soils is that the selected clones are those which have previously given the best results.

There is an olive grove on the estate, which demonstrates the mild, favourable climate, unusual for our latitudes.


Video of the vineyard in depth

Interesting wines

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