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The new cellar is the perfect complement to the Castello’s historic cellar,

especially for procedures that require technical know-how,

speed of execution and efficient logistics.

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The spacious new cellar and its new, rational layout, have allowed us to work more comfortably as well as to install new machinery and equipment.

In particular, new fermentation tanks, polished to a mirror finish inside for easier cleaning, are fitted with automatic pumping over mechanisms and controlled internal temperature.


The air-conditioned stockroom keeps the bottles of wine at the correct temperature and shielded from light.

Unlabelled bottles repose here, as well as packaged bottles ready for shipment.

The spacious new cellar was completed with additional machinery in 2017.

The new destemming machine, chosen with great care, is more delicate than the previous model, causing less damage to grape skins.


Our old–but still effective–Bucher press has made way for the new Willmes model. The Willmes extracts more quickly, leading to lower oxidation of grape must; because it can be sealed hermetically, we can macerate with dry ice and extract aromas from the skins without risk: all this translates into crisper, fruitier and more ageworthy wines requiring less sulphites.

And lastly, the old GAI filling and bottling station has been replaced with a real jewel:


  • a rinsing machine, that washes each bottle with sterile water and then dries them with two jets of air.


  • a nitrogen purge system to eliminate oxygen from the bottle.


  • a low-pressure filling machine with electro-polished mirror finish inside walls for easier cleaning and maximum hygiene.


  • a vacuum corking machine, with cork feed from below to avoid cork residues in the bottles


Today we believe we are equipped with the best equipment
to produce wine
that lives up to the history of the estate,
its vineyards and our daily commitment.

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