The cellars of the Castello di Neive were built in the 18th century and were intended for winemaking; the ceilings were high enough to permit large casks to be installed.


As already noted in the history section, these cellars were part of the journey from the historic, sweet and unstable versions of Nebbiolo, to modern Barbaresco, famous throughout the world for its elegance and long life.

From 2015, the year of renovation, the cellars have been used for élevage in wood of our most important wines.

The Barbaresco, Barbera d’Alba Vigna Santo Stefano and Superiore, Langhe Pinot Nero and Piemonte Albarossa find the natural humidity, temperature and quiet necessary for ageing.


The same is true of the infernotto, used in the past to keep food fresh and bottles of sweet Nebbiolo from exploding or refermenting.

We take advantage of the constant temperature and absence of natural light for the refermentation and slow maturation on lees of our classic method, sparkling Piemonte Pino Nero.  

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Castello di Neive

The Castello di Neive estate has centuries of history closely bound to the town of Neive and its wines, in particular to the production of Barbaresco DOCG

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